Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog!

I find the blog world fascinating and a forum that can be both extremely supportive and motivating when used in a positive manner. In fact, I would even go as far to say that, when used properly, certain health and food blogs can be very therapeutic, especially for women battling issues with food and body image.

Having a blog myself seemed like a good idea as it keeps me accountable for the healthful things that I do (and don’t do).

That said, Holistic Health Nut originated in an attempt to maintain a wholesome lifestyle in the stress saturated world that is my life. It’s simply a space for me to discuss every and any facet of “health” there is.

Ideas and questions welcome!
Disclaimer: Suzanne is a Registered Nurse and Marital Family Therapist. Information in her posts are based on personal experience and research, however, the ideas presented here are not meant to substitute doctors’ recommendations.

Happy blogging!



  1. Hey Suzanne! Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    I love your pics (you’re adorable and so are your puppies!)…I’ll be following along 🙂

  2. Susu this is so great! Thanks for the recipes!!!

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