Posted by: suzannern | June 21, 2010

Waging War Against Sleep Deprivation Part II: Bikram and Clean Eats…

Greetings bloggies.

Hope your summer is off to a great start!

Suzi Q is still pretty sleep deprived… but dealing with it as best I can.

Along with my gym membership, I joined the local Bikram yoga studio.

Man…let me tell you… it is therapy in a hot box.

Seriously. Addicting.

I aim for 3 classes a week…

Thus far, I have noticed the following benefits:

sleeping better (even during the day)
slimming/toning in my abdominals and legs
calming of the mind

Any bikram yogis out there? What is your favorite pose? The pose you find most challenging?

I love locust. I’m proud to say that my legs kick some serious booty when I rock this one…

(not me but an accurate replica of what I were to look like if there was a photo shoot during my practice…source)

I find that each class is different and what was once an easy pose can quickly turn into a challenge and vice versa.

My current workout regimen alternates between Bikram classes and running/spinning. So far, so good.

As far as nutrition goes…I have been trying very hard to eat as clean as possible. I know from past experience that even though my sleepy zombie-mind tells me to eat crap, my body is really aching for good, fresh, naked food. Food-gasms abound.

For the past month I have been planning a weekly menu and then journaling my intake every week. I love grocery shopping and trying new recipes… special shout-outs to the following chica-dees for some pretty stellar recipes that help me in my endeavor… (Gena, Gina, Angela, Caitlin, and Jenna).

As far as the journaling goes, I use the healthy living/social networking website sparkpeople (SP). SP is super motivating and my sparkfriends keep me honest. Any of you out there spark?

Eating as clean as possible gives me a bit more energy. I’m still pretty exhausted (with my schedule, I think that is impossible to avoid) but since my last post, I feel “lighter” and less sluggish as a whole.

Next post…on one of my favorite things.. laughter.




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