Posted by: suzannern | February 13, 2010

A Double Giveaway

Hey bloggies!!!

First off… the winner of the previous giveaway is MIA so this giveaway will include both the skin care package and the new giveaway, a signed copy of the book “Why Him? Why Her?: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love” by Helen Fisher, Ph.D.

For those of you who don’t know who Helen Fisher is… here is a brief synopsis…

She is a biological anthropologist who has done a vast amount of research on love, romance and attachment. She is the leading consultant and the creator of the personality questionnaire for the dating website, She has written multiple books with the most recent being “Why Him? Why Her?” which describes her research and the personality types used on

I have had the pleasure of seeing her speak twice over the past year and am always enraptured by her charisma and knowledge. Her writing does not disappoint… her personality shines through with each turn of the page. Like her presentations, her books are both intellectually stimulating and entertaining.

Dr. Fisher has donated a signed copy of her latest book for one HHN reader…

If you are interested in learning about the evolution of human love, romance, lust and attachment then leave a comment below on the topic. FYI– email me your contact info at srchabot(at)hotmail(dot)com so I can send you the goodies if you win!

The winner will be announced March 1st, 2010.
Good luck!



  1. As a person who is newly engaged I sometimes think “Why me? Why him?” This was the thought that I repeatedly had last week when J was super sick. While I know my vows will include “in sickness and in health”, I really just wanted someone else to take care of him :P. Illness aside, J is a great guy and I know that love and life with a significant other isn’t always easy. I may not always like having to take care of a sick J, I know that I will always love him… in sickness and in health.

  2. I think I saw an interview with her a few weeks ago (around V day) on LX New York…very interesting…

    obviously a skin care package would be ideal too during these cold months!

  3. Since I was such a comment posting delinquent, I’m posting now. I definitely would be interested! I could add her book to my summer “reading for pleasure” list!

  4. […] woman! You’ll be getting a shipment of goodies […]

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