Posted by: suzannern | July 2, 2009

Updates…in the Raw

This week has been nice due to (1) the sun finally showing face in the city and (2) because my back is finally feeling better! Woot! Woot!

I’m still going to the Chiro 3x a week. I have to finish the lidocaine therapy protocol and then work with the physical therapist a bit on some back/neck exercises.

I am slowly starting to get back into a workout routine.

Yesterday I did a 40 minute incline treadmill workout and also did some ab exercises.

Since I have decided to not be “Debbie-Downer,” and embrace walking for the time being, I listened to this audio book while I walked. The two authors, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Mark Fenton, discuss the myriad of benefits that come with walking and how to build an individualized walking routine.

Insightful, positive stuff. It was a smart move to listen while I walked as it helped me appreciate walking instead of being bummed that I can’t run just yet…

Today’s workout– taking the pups on a 3 mile walk, and then maybe some abs and arms if time allows.

I have been eating super clean this week, with an emphasis on juicing and raw eats.

Since Monday, the daily food regimen has been the following:

*Fresh veggie/fruit juice combo
*Green Monster
*Raw Soup / Beans, Lentils and/or Rice

*Snacks– > Fruit, Veggies, Hummus, Nuts

A Blog Post To Come– Making homemade Almond Milk! I will have to write a special post on it when we do our next batch. Lots of benefits to making your own!



  1. raw soup? details plz!

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